1. The Premium

The Premium is one type of a room that is exact in terms of facilities with the Deluxe. The main difference is that the Premium rooms are all on the ground floor. In fact, they were formally classified and rated same with the Deluxe. It is therefore a best bargain room for guests.No wonder there are in very high demand.


2. Deluxe

The Deluxe is one type of a room with a large bed, well laid with cool and comforting beddings. The room is either rugged or tiled, giving it a cossy appearance, with a 1.5 horse power air conditioner, a flat screen TV, which has a choice of 14 cable stations and bed side fridge. Deluxe is a room for Luxury and you will be glad you made a good choice.


3. The Royal Suite

Royalty is for Kings and that is the concept of our Royal Suites. The Royal Suites are all en-suite. They are Expansive and with very beautiful well furnished interior. Staying in a hotel with an overview of the city gives a great comfort; you can sit by the window in any of our Royal Suites and have a wonderful perspective view of the city. The rooms are well illuminated and equiped with 2-Horse power Split Airconditioners which helps maintain your peace. The rooms are either rugged or tiled, each giving a cossy appearance. They are equiped with a flat screen TV, which has a choice of 14 cable stations, and bed side Refridgerator, Intercom and Wireless connectivity. As a Royal, staying in one of the Royal Suites, you will so much have fun, you would be tempted to extend your stay as you find yourself pampered with royalty.


4. Presidential Suite

Our Presidential Suites are two room en-suite apartments, luxuriously furnished, with ultra-modern facilities. They are equiped with expansive Bathrooms and also Kitchenettes which makes them ideal for families or Executives on a holiday. Each Suite has two Television sets,Intercom and Wireless facilities and a Fridge. The ante room is convinient for a small Business/Executive meetings.



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